1848 – James and William Tyson claim Geramy

The Sydney Morning Herald, 1848 October 6, p. 3

James Tyson and his eldest brother William Tyson II (1808-1875) make a lease claim for 22,400 acres on the Lachlan River near Balranald. At the time James was just 19 and William was 30.

Here’s a transcription of the pertinent parts of the article:



(From the Government Gazette)

Colonial Secretary’s Office Sydney, September 27. —His Excellency the Governor, directs it to be notified, for the information of all persons interested, that in pursuance of her Majesty’s Order in Council, of the 9th March, 1847, the undermentioned persons have demanded leases of the several runs of Crown Land particularised in connexion with their respective names.


Tyson James and William. Name of run, Geramy. Estimated area, twenty-two thousand four hundred acres. Estimated grazing capabilities, four hundred and sixty head of cattle. The land occupied by us is barren in the extreme, out a short distance from the river neither is there any water out back. The water at the hut is called Gerarmy or Wanthirm by the Blacks. We have the Commissioner’s authority to claim seven miles frontage to the Lachlan River, and we are bounded on the east or upper side by a line running nearly north and south, coming on the river at the established old hut or waterhole, boundary about three miles east of our hut; we are bounded on the lower or west by a line running nearly north or south, which divides from the land occupied by a Mr. Tooth, and comes in on the river at a plain four miles below our hut, at the lower end of the marsh of the Lachlan; north by the river and south by the plains.

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CLAIMS TO LEASES OF CROWN LANDS BEYOND THE SETTLED DISTRICTS. (1848, October 6). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), p. 3. Retrieved January 11, 2016, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article12905840

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